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If you find yourself in Oslo, a visit to Alabaster Studio in the vibrant Sankt Hanshaugen neighborhood is a must. Founded by Amy Thelwall, a former finance professional turned passionate interior designer, this boutique and interior design studio offers a unique blend of design elements that reflect Amy’s British roots and meticulous attention to detail.

Alabaster Studio Interior

At Alabaster Studio, visitors are invited to explore a carefully curated selection that includes Amy’s own designs, rare vintage pieces, and bespoke lampshades, all of which contribute to the distinctive atmosphere of the studio. Notably, the studio boasts Oslo’s largest collection of antique tiled stoves, showcasing Amy’s deep appreciation for historical craftsmanship and unique design elements.

Amy’s journey into interior design is not just about creating beautiful spaces but also about guiding her clients to craft environments that truly resonate with their personal stories. She believes in the importance of investing in timeless pieces rather than following fleeting trends, encouraging her clients to choose items that reflect their individual style and personality.

Beyond her role as a designer and shop owner, Amy also serves as a trusted interior consultant. Her practical advice and thoughtful approach help clients transform their spaces into havens of comfort and personal expression. Her design philosophy emphasizes creating environments that go beyond mere aesthetics to evoke a sense of belonging and personal identity.

Amy’s influence extends beyond the walls of her studio into her community, reflecting her passion for vintage finds, ceramics, and unconventional décor. This passion resonates deeply with clients who are drawn not only to the furnishings but also to the experience of exploring and discovering within her studio.

Let Alabaster Studio inspire you to create a home that not only reflects your style but also tells your unique story — a space where every detail matters and personal creativity thrives.

Alabaster Studio is more than just a place to shop — it’s a sanctuary where design enthusiasts and novices alike find inspiration and expert guidance. Whether you’re redesigning a single room or seeking ideas to refresh your entire home, Amy’s studio offers a welcoming environment where her expertise and passion for interiors shine through.

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    Upptäck fördelarna med videokonsultationer för att få personliga råd från våra erfarna experter direkt och bekvämt. Vi värdesätter noggrann förberedelse, vilket ingår som en del av priset för varje möte. Detta innebär att våra experter ägnar sig åt en grundlig genomgång av den information du delar med oss för att säkerställa skräddarsydda och professionella råd och lösningar. Om du behöver ytterligare hjälp, såsom moodboards eller ritningar, finns våra rådgivare tillgängliga för att erbjuda detta mot en extra kostnad. Tveka inte att kontakta oss så hjälper vi dig gärna vidare.

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