Erik Bratsberg: En resa från finans till konst och inredningsdesign

Erik Bratsberg Interior

Erik Bratsberg’s transformation from a career in finance to becoming a full-time artist and interior designer is a remarkable story of rediscovery and passion. Known for his eclectic and innovative designs, Erik recently completed the interior design of the renowned restaurant Persona, marking a significant milestone in his creative journey.

A Fresh Start

Gone are the days of spreadsheets and business meetings for Erik Bratsberg. Now, he stands surrounded by his artistic creations, reflecting on his journey from the world of finance to the realm of art.

– I had to break away from the world of numbers and straight lines, Erik reflects. I needed to find a way to express myself creatively, outside of any structured confines. My work is a reaction to my past life — it’s about finding freedom in new geometric and organic forms. Working with my hands gives me immense satisfaction.

A Versatile Creator

Interior designer Erik Bratsberg

Erik’s artistic pursuits are diverse and ambitious. He works with various materials and techniques, producing visual art, paintings, sculptures, handmade furniture, and innovative lighting designs. His work in interior design, characterized by thoughtful curation and styling along his own creations, highlights his versatility and aesthetic sensibility.

“Whether it’s about creating art, design, or a complete interior, the aim is to create something beautiful.”

– For me, it’s all about aesthetics. Whether it’s about creating art, design, or a complete interior, the aim is to create something beautiful. Balancing functionality with artistic expression isn’t always easy, but it’s a rewarding challenge, Erik explains. The art world can be quite rigid, expecting artists to conform to a specific medium or expression. I enjoy being diverse and explorative in my approach, exploring anything from traditional mediums and materials like watercolour and wood to elaborating with XPS foams and resins. To challenge the properties and traditional use of material always intrigues me.

Erik Bratsberg interior design

The vibe in the lounge is very homely and relaxing, with softer shapes and textiles. In the wooden shelves you can find sculptural works in glass, wood, ceramic and metal from local artisans and designers based in Stockholm.

Leaving the Corporate World Behind

Erik’s creative journey kicked off just before the pandemic years. While working on his first home renovation, where he started to design some custom furniture, he reconnected with his childhood passion for drawing and creating. This realization prompted him to leave his finance career and fully embrace his creative calling.

– As a kid, I was always drawing. Returning to it as an adult felt like starting over, but it also felt right. I didn’t have any formal design or art training, but everything came to me naturally, Erik recalls. The real ephiphany came when I was asked to style a new house for sale just after my resignation. With little time to prepare I forgot to plan for art sourcing, so I painted twelve pieces myself in two weeks time, in addition to sourcing all furniture for the home, and the positive feedback I received convinced me that I was on the right path.

The Persona Project

Erik Bratsberg Restaurant

In late 2022, Erik undertook a major project: designing the entire interior of the restaurant Persona. Named after Ingmar Bergman’s iconic film, the restaurant’s concept revolves around themes of identity and human masks. This project was particularly meaningful for Erik, reflecting his own experiences with burnout and the quest for artistic authenticity.

– My art is deeply personal, driven by my experiences with stress, family illness, and the pressures of my previous career. Creating art is both therapeutic and challenging. Balancing creativity with daily life isn’t easy, but my wife’s support has been crucial, Erik explains.

Erik Bratsberg interior design

Green tones feature throughout the interior, and the bathroom features undulating mirrors and a mix of different shapes.

A Story of Reinvention

Erik Bratsberg’s transition from finance to the world of art and interior design is a testament to the power of following one’s passion. His journey highlights the profound fulfillment that comes from embracing change and pursuing one’s true calling. Through his work, Erik continues to inspire others to break free from conventional paths and explore their creative potential.

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