Kajsa Melchior: Årets designer vid Elle Decoration Awards 2024

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Kajsa Melchior has become a luminary in both the art and design worlds, known for her ability to effortlessly push creative boundaries. Recently honored with the Designer of the Year award at the Elle Decoration Awards, Kajsa’s work continues to garner international acclaim. Let’s explore one of her latest masterpieces — an exquisite apartment in Östermalm.

Kajsa Melchior, based in Stockholm, has reimagined a stunning apartment in Östermalm, showcasing her unique approach to design. The apartment, built in the Art Nouveau style between 1903 and 1905, spans 180 square meters and is home to a young couple with creative professions. Kajsa’s renovation transformed the space, incorporating magical material choices and many uncommon details, creating a harmonious and fluid environment.

Kajsa Melchior Kitchen

Kajsa took full advantage of the apartment’s ample space, altering the layout and relocating the kitchen to the center. This central placement not only optimized functionality but also established the kitchen as the primary social hub of the home. The kitchen island, made of Italian stone and Swedish Kolmården marble, seamlessly blends these materials, enhancing the apartment’s overall flow.

Kajsa’s meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the apartment. Notably, she achieved a threshold-free design, allowing for smooth movement across the space.

– In the hallway, the stone floor continues seamlessly onto a balcony and into the guest toilet, also directly connected to the entrance, Kajsa explains, highlighting her commitment to creating uninterrupted transitions between rooms.

Kajsa Melchior Interior

The dining room features a curved facade wall with a custom-built seating area, providing a cozy spot to connect with the street life outside. Large arched windows from the turn of the century contrast beautifully with modern elements, creating a dynamic yet balanced aesthetic.

In her design, Kajsa also respected the apartment’s historical features. The old serving passage adjacent to the former kitchen was retained, preserving a sense of continuity. This passage now serves as a unifying element in the private area of the apartment, which includes the bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, and dressing room — collectively referred to by Kajsa as the “chamber.”

– The placement of the bathtub in the old serving passage became a hub between the other units, Kajsa explains. It’s about creating a special flow in this private area, merging different rooms into a cohesive whole.

Kajsa Melchior Bathroom

For Kajsa, the seamless integration of sophisticated materials is key to the project’s success.

– Sometimes the materials flow into each other, sometimes more abrupt encounters occur. The idea of movement between materials and rooms led to many color and material decisions falling into place, she says. This thoughtful approach is evident from the vibrant kitchen to the serene chamber and the inviting living room.

In the bedroom, some wardrobes rest on stone spheres, both to lighten their visual weight and to maintain the threshold-free design between the wool carpet and sandstone floor. The fireplace, featuring modern classic marble amidst turn-of-the-century character, serves as a crisp interruption, highlighting the beauty of each room element.

Kajsa Melchior Bedroom

Kajsa emphasizes the importance of collaboration and trust in her projects.

“A good collaboration partly relies on a balance of care and trust.”

– A good collaboration partly relies on a balance of care and trust. The clients’ desire to create something unique and personal is reflected in this project through some significant decisions, where the bathtub was one such example. But the couple also agreed to a hand-painted mural in lime paint on the living room ceiling.

This mural, executed by decorative painter Tea Nyström at Nydeco, adds a unique and personal touch to the space, exemplifying the successful collaboration between Kajsa and her clients.

For Kajsa Melchior, the seamless flow through the apartment and the threshold-free encounters of sophisticated materials are what make this project extraordinary. – Sometimes materials merge seamlessly, sometimes more abrupt encounters occur. The idea of movement between materials and rooms led to many color and material decisions falling into place.

Kajsa Melchior’s work on the Östermalm apartment is a testament to her innovative approach and her ability to blend historical elements with modern design, creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Her dedication to detail and her collaborative spirit ensure that her projects not only meet but exceed expectations, solidifying her place as a leading figure in the world of interior design.

Kajsa Melchior Interior

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